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The following benefits are available to GCA members:


Manufacturers, retailers, label owners such as hotels, casinos, government agencies and others are always searching our website for production referrals. Although searches are made mostly for contractors, a great number of visitors also search for other professional and industry service providers. Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines invariably list our GCA website at the very top when people search for garment contractors or California garment contractors. (Try it yourself to verify what we say.) No other program rivals ours for help in marketing your services to a very focused clientele. As a member you will have your own page on our website with your company's individual profile. You may be brief or go to great detail in describing your company and its capabilities. Your GCA page can be linked to your own website, if you have one, at no extra cost. In short, membership provides you with 24 x 7 advertising to the audience you want to reach. There is simply no better and more cost effective way to advertise or market your services to get you more work.


Underwritten by State Compensation Insurance Fund, GCA offers a group Workers’ Compensation policy through which members can lower the net cost of their insurance with discounted premiums. Additionally, in the years State Fund declares dividends, and when the group has a goof loss ratio, we are able to pass on a bonus dividend in addition to the individual dividends our members may receive. Depending on the size of your premium and a good safety record, this alone could be a very significant benefit for you.


Our Executive Director, Joe Rodriguez, with an extensive background in Human Resources management, is available to answer questions on policies and practices for your company at no cost to you. Use of this service alone can save you the cost of dues many times over, save you thousands of dollars in non-compliance fines or penalties, and keep your company out of trouble.


Meetings are held on topics or current events that prove to be of general interest. Many successful past meetings have been held at members' facilities. Call the office if you wish to volunteer your factory or workplace.


New and renewal Garment License/Registration applications may be expedited at no cost for members or at moderate cost for nonmembers. Call for a review appointment.


Our Newsletter, which is e-mailed to you, keeps members posted on Association Activities, and on local and national events of interest to our industry. Members are encouraged to contribute articles or other information.


Over time, membership offers the networking opportunity to meet with peers in our industry, and to develop both business and personal relationships. These contacts are often sources of technical and problem solving information, as well as subcontracting assistance.

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